Laufende Kooperationen

Snow bed phenology 

Partner: University of Torino (ITA)

Snow bed monitoring

Partner: Nationalparc Hohe Tauern (AT)

LUCAS 2018 - European Soil Data Centre of the European Commission

Partner:  JRC - Joint Research Centre (EU), Ispra (ITA)

SOWA - Soil sampling 

Partner: Soil & Water Research Infrastructure, České Budějovice (CZE)

FEAST - Soil sampling 

Partner: University of York (GBR)


Partner: University of Antwerp, Belgium

TransPlant network

Partner: University of Bergen (NOR)

Sap flow, dendro measurements and tree ring analyses

Partner: University of Innsbruck (AT)

Sapfluxnet - Creation of a global data base of sap flow measurements.

Partner: International network, lead CREAF Barcelona, (Spain)


Partner: WSL, Switzerland


Partner: Wageningen University, Netherlands

BioTIME – a global database of biodiversity time series

Partner: University of St.Andrews (GBR)

Spatial and temporal anayisis of soil moisture in North Italy

Partner: Univ of Bologna; CNR Irpi Perugia; Univ of Firenze (ITA)


Beendete Kooperationen

Nitrogen Budget of Alpine Catchments 

Partner: Chemical and the Biological Laboratory of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Cosmic Ray soil moisture measuring in Alpine Regions

Partner: University of Bolzano, Italy

Soil Moisture Sampling for validation of Remote Sensing Products

Partner: Institute for Earth Observation, Eurac Research (ITA)

High resolution rainfall estimation

Partner: University of Padova, Italy

EIS-Matsch Development and application of story lines regarding the future landscape evolution

Partner: University of Innsbruck, Austria

Tea Composition

Partner: Environment Agency, Austria

GNOMO_soil - assessing the impacts of disturbances on mountain soil diversity and function

Partner: Laboratory of Ecosystems & Societies in Mountain Environments, Grenoble, France

High resolution soil moisture mapping

Partner:University of Padova, Italy

GPR (ground penetrating radar soil depth) observations 

Partner: University of Rome Tre, Italy

Collection of snow observations in the Mazia LTER

Partner: University of Innsbruck, Austria